Index emails for fast finding .  Good for users with thousands of emails who never throw any out.  Neo Pro from  www.emailorganizer.com ~50


Mailwasher www.mailwasher.net view headers and delete mail without downloading.  Free for access to single account.


Alternatives to Outlook Express and Outlook

Free e-mail clients : Pegasus Mail  (www.pmail.com) Good free client

Feature rich e-mail clients:  The Bat (www.ritlabs.com) Pocomail (www.pocomail.com) both 15 approx

These popular programs allow you to check file sizes on the server and then pick and choose which you wish to download and delete.

Also www.mailsnare.net  ***

Email indexer Neo (www.emailorganiser.com) 24 helps organise outlook mail, indexes every word too allow keyword searches for finding messages

Junk-mail fighter Matador (www.mailfrontier.com)  18 Good spam filter that can ask unknown correspondants to authenticate their identity.

Spam Filter Eureka  (www.eureka-email.com)  removes 95% of spam to junk box.


Automatic e-mailer www.duodata.de/automailer periodically checks specified folder and emails all files as attachments


Find free e-mail services www.emailaddresses.com

Some options www.hotmail.com  for now, and soon  https://gmail.google.com

Free and fast IMAP mail client www.fastmail.fm



Free PopTray program for visible notification of emails arriving with outlook express www.poptray.org


Convert voice to email, or email to voice www.eckoh.com of for best site, which will also do faxes  (8 per month but freephone number) www.j2.com