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Search engines www.google.com www.altavista.com 

Urban myth site www.snopes.com 

Weblog www.daypop.com also www.technorati.com


Good (possibly best) alternate and free browser Firefox www.mozilla.org/products/firefox


Domain Name registration and hosting www.ukreg.com

www.123-reg.co.uk Cheap UK site for Domain Names.  Several awards.

www.ispreview.co.uk Internet Service Provider Comparisions

www.plus.net broadband 21.99


Broadband Options 

ADSL speed tables and guide  www.adslguide.org.uk


www.ntl.co.uk  1mbps service 40pm excellent gaming www.bygames.com

www.telewest.co.uk  own blueyonder


Alternatives to BT (run over BT lines) www.zenadsl.com good connection 

          www.tiscali.co.uk *** offer a 150kbs package for 15.99 pm

Best for business  www.eclipse.net.uk  good reports in

ADSL Lite for 14.99 www.plus.net

Freeola  www.freeola.com


Business www.nildram.co.uk www.pipex.co.uk


www.no-ip.com turn dynamic IP domain into a static domain


Encrypted internet data storage www.capsure.com 100MB $7 per month, 1GB $20 pm.

Internet calendar and contacts www.mailsnare.com $10 per annum.  Internet Outlook look a like.  Calendar that send text messages to mobile phone.



http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers IP port number descriptions


Surf the web anonoymously www.silenter.com or www.offbyone.com


third part proxy service www.misterprivacy.com



Keep track of visitors to your website www.extreme-dm.com


Remove hotbar instructions http://www.pchell.com/support/hotbar.shtml


Off-line browser www.webstripper.net

Collate sites to single page www.quickbrowse.com