Converting CD's to  MP3 etc http://www.bestmp3guide.com/


convert MP3 to WAV files www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm

Free Rip CD's to MP3 http://www.mgshareware.com/frmmain.shtml


Peer to peer Kazaa and Grokster


Music track downloads

www.itunes.com 79p per track

 www.bleep.com  99p per track, Albums 6.99+

www.napster.co.uk   10 per month unlimited, 88p per track to burn


www.allmusic.com pop music knowledge


www.emusic.com Legal download site. 10 per month for unlimited MP3's

www.highcriteria.com For recording streaming audio to MP3, 8, has a timer

1 million free and legal tracks www.enorgis.com/onemillion.html


Find free music www.epitonic.com  www.peoplesound.com   www.alltheweb.com  www.singingfish.com   www.amillionlovesongs.blogspot.com





Internet Radio listing of stations www.live365.com  www.radio-locator.com


Streamed Video www.vh1.com  www.mtv.com

Musical equipment for PC's www.evolution.co.uk


Convert wav CDA to MP3  cdexos.sourceforge.net


uk.launch.yahoo.com free music video library of 1500 tracks


www.dotmusic.com buy music

www.play.com buy DVD's


dance music www.looplabs.com



Music video library uk.launch.yahoo.com



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Headphones PXC-250 90 www.iwantoneofthose.com/sennoi.htm

Wireless headphones (cans) Beyer Dynamic RSX-600 85 www.empiredirect.co.uk



Playing Midi instruments such as piano keyboard through PC

USB mono keyboard adapter from www.procass.co.uk/MIDI_Interfaces2164.htm




Keyboard to instrument synthesiser software www.gmediamusic.com