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Other sites for freeware, shareware and buyware









Some Choice Freeware

AVG Antivirus www.grisoft.com
Zonealarm Firewall www.zonelabs.com
AD Aware Spyware removal www.lavasoftusa.com
Spybot S&D Spyware removal www.safer-networking.org
ClamWIN Antivirus http://sourceforge.net/potm/potm-2005-02.php
OpenOffice Best Alternative to Microsoft edit Word and Excel, print PDF www.openoffice.org
PDF Creator Create PDF's Good but, no hyperlinks, www.pdfcreator.de.vu
Arsclip Clipboard utility copy multiple items www.arsware.org > system utilities
Powerbullet Web Macromedia Flash Format Pages, simple to use www.powerbullet.com
Photofiltre Image Editor www.photofiltre.com
WebPlus Web page Editor ALSO 4 OTHER VERY GOOD PROGRAMS!! ALL FREE www.freeserifsoftware.com
Vector Engineer CAD System www.vectorengineer.com
Everest PC component Identification www.lavalys.com
Wavepad Sound recorder and editor www.nch.com.au/wavepad 
Audacity Audio player and editor http://audacity.sourceforge.net
MS Producer Multimedia add-on for Powerpoint 2002/2003 www.microsoft.com



For basic photo editing the FREE Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopalbum/starter.html will satisfy many people.  It has crop/rotate/autobalance and best of all excellent red eye removal!


Choice JASC Paint Shop Pro  100 www.digitalworkshop.co.uk Excellent all rounder

Performance Adobe Photoshop 7595 www.adobe.co.uk

Value Adobe Photoshop Elements, can often get bundled with Scanners




Picture screen and image capture software SnagIt 25  www.techsmith.com




Free software for coders from John Walker founder of AutoDesk www.fourmilab.ch



Free CAD software Simple CAD  www.artifice.com/dw_lite.html  



PDF Writers

Free use PDF Creator www.pdfcreator.de.vu

To edit files suggest Scansoft 20

Adobe Acrobat at ~200 for full works