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Security (Virus and Firewall)


Important warning for all people using the Internet for Email or just browsing:-  It is highly likely that you will receive a virus if you are not running a virus scanning program which is updated regularly (by this I would now  say weekly) : This is the single most important thing you must do.  The other two things you really should do are run a fire wall (essential if you are on Broadband) and regularly update your operating system.

Antivirus and firewall.  My favourite is Norton Internet Security 2003.  It is easy to use and also includes Parental control which blocks those sites you prefer children not to access e.g. ''  and logs where they have been, it can stop those annoying Ads.  Cost about 45 or 30 for the upgrade which is they same as the full price version and can be purchased by anyone who already owns any other symantec product.

As an alternative there is McAffee Internet Security which in  my view comes a close second.  I would not recommend any other products to the novice.

Operating system update


Free options for Home users (not commericial/business nor education, nor charity)

Antivirus AVG from

For personal PC firewall


Windows XP has free built-in fire wall, use it


To check your firewall set up go to for info and free security check, Shields Up


Check on current viruses at


Spyware and Adware

Run following free for home use programs

Ad-aware run this to check for spying software  

Spybot test your PC for snooping spyware.


Spybot useful for shredding files 



Parental Control

Belkin router with built in Parental control



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